Make accurate and professional diagnoses

Launch an advanced diagnostic in one click and generate a report on the condition of a hard drive.


Example of a QuickDiag for customers

Example of a QuickDiag for technician

Processing of undetected hard drives

  • Increased initialization time to force disk detection.
  • Improved detection of unrecognized Windows disks through specifically developed drivers.
  • Function to detect non accessible partitions

Diagnosis of the type of breakdown

  • Orientation on the type of fault concerned (firmware failure, electronics, etc.)

SMART of disk

  • Direct reading of the condition status of the disc
  • Interpreting alerts if one or more indicators exceed critical thresholds (failing and failing)

Quick diagnosis “Quick Diag”

  • Rapid surface test on 5 zones of the hard disk
  • 1 to 8 minutes maximum
  • Detection of anomalies on the disk (eg exhausted reading head)
  • Indications of the potential for successful data recovery

Complete diagnosis

  • Surface test on the entire surface of the hard disk (processing speed up to 400GB/h in SATA 3)
  • Choice of sectors to analyze
  • Indications of the response times of each block
  • Alerts and automatic interruption of the test if the disk is too damaged

Printable diagnostic report

  • Saving a condition status report for the drive in PDF format
  • Summary of Important SMART Indicators and Surface Testing
  • Puma Cloner Recovery Potential / Disk Health Status
  • Customizing the report with your company logo
  • Recommendation for replacing the equipment



Clone Windows unrecognized disks in 4 clicks to temporary support by isolating defective sectors.

Optimized reading

  • Automatic mode
  • Forward/backward playback in case of blocking
  • Management of bad sectors
  • Disk reset or engine on/off in case of hardware crash
  • Resume project after stop, where you were (pause mode)
  • Read a maximum of data quickly and optimally


Using the Puma Cloner Assistant

  • Choose the most appropriate cloning method: cloning space, partition cloning, or complete disk cloning


Data recovery

Target and save in 4 clicks files or folders from a disk at the beginning of failure

Using the Puma Cloner Assistant

  • 3 extraction methods according to the state of condition of the disc

Targeting and extraction

  • Deployment of the tree for NTFS, FAT 8/12/16/32 and ExFAT disks
  • Accurate targeting and data extraction on a healthy medium
  • Extraction in automatic mode with management of reading modes

Creating a listing of recovered files

  • List of processed files on a CSV file

End of extraction report

  • Visualization of extracted and non extracted elements
  • Random on the fly


  • “Replay” function to refine the result on files containing bad sectors

Watch our demo version: