Hardware and software solution for diagnostics, cloning and data recovery on hard drives.

Puma Cloner is the professional solution.

They chose us :

Table a professional report after a diagnosis.

Test 100% of the disks that pass in your hands. Start a ”quick diag” on the Puma Cloner in less than 5 minutes.
The “complete diagnostic” allows you to certify the proper functioning of a hard disk since it checks the entire surface of the disk.
These two types of diagnosis generate a PDF report personalized with your logo.


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Clone & recover data:

The cloner makes it possible to secure the copy by starting with the extraction of priority files and then the complete copy of the disc.
Our hardware and software solution is the best option to recover data on hard disks in the early stages of failure whether they are slow or inaccessible due to bad sectors.


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Who are the users of the Puma Cloner?

It is intended for IT professionals:


IT Providers

technicien professionnel de l'informatique devant sa machine traite et diagnostique un disque dur avec le Puma Cloner logiciel de récupération de données by Recoveo

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